Business StartUp Blueprint

Are you the sort of person who likes a list of the things to do? and how to do them?

This is for you. The Business StartUp Blueprint has a comprehensive list of all the things to do to create, start and grow your own business. This weekend!

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The Business StartUp Blueprint is a “must have” in your toolkit as you start out in your own business. These are the steps that have proven over and over to help people like you as they have started their own business to set solid foundations for their Business.

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If you are looking for a comprehensive checklist, this is it – The Business StartUp Blueprint!

This Blueprint is based on the 7 steps covered in my book and the online program – called “So You Want to Start a Business.”

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When setting up a new business, there’s such a lot of information to consider and it can be really easy for some of the details to “fall through the cracks”

This Business StartUp Blueprint contains a comprehensive list of the steps to take when starting out in business so that nothing “falls between the cracks”, nothing gets missed.

What makes this Business StartUp Blueprint different to all the Business Checklists available?

The Business StartUp Blueprint has 3 key components:

  1. What needs to be done = the actual step to take in your Business StartUp journey
  2. Why it needs to be done. The Business StartUp Blueprint includes a useful explanation for each of the necessary steps
  3. How to go about doing it. The links, the explanations, the templates are all included in the Business StartUp Blueprint.

The Business StartUp Blueprint includes explanations, web links and downloads to help you step through the activities necessary to set solid foundations of your Business StartUp

Click here to Buy Now for just $27.50

The Business StartUp Blueprint is divided into the following sections:

  1. You! Who are you to start a business?
  2. What is your great idea? and how do you know if it is Viable?
  3. All about your Customers and clients; who are they and why do they want to buy from you
  4. Your Brand; who are you and what do you stand for?
  5. Your structure, compliance and Systems
  6. Your Financials and Business Fundamentals 101
  7. Your Marketing and Social Media

With almost 100 steps in the Business StartUp Blueprint this is the most comprehensive and easy to follow step by step guide to creating your Business StartUp.

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