So You want to start a Pilates Business; the Online Program


Love to start YOUR OWN PILATES BUSINESS but not sure where to start?

Are you:

  • Looking to combine your love of Pilates with a business that can give you the life you desire?
  • Thinking about starting your own Pilates studio or buying an existing studio but don’t know how?
  • Sick of relying on freelancing and want a sustainable income on your own terms?
  • Studying Pilates and wondering what your next step is?


There’s nothing worse than having the DESIRE to start your own Pilates business but feeling totally overwhelmed by not knowing HOW to actually start.

For one thing, it takes a lot of time to start a business on your own, time that you just don’t have. When you finally do get around to making a start, you spend more time staring blankly at your computer screen in complete overwhelm than actually making progress on your goals. Every element takes countless hours of research to understand WHAT to do, let alone working out whether what you are doing will ACTUALLY WORK for a Pilates studio.

You start feeling like you are spending countless hours searching for the right information and feeling like you are going round in circles with no real FOCUS.

Of course, you could always try to go it alone….

… if you’ve got mountains of business experience, money to burn and extra time to spend learning information that may not be relevant to your Pilates business.

What if I told you there was a simpler way?….

I’m Ingrid Thompson, and I’d like to introduce you to my Online course, ‘So You Want to Start a Pilates Business’.

With ‘So You Want to Start a Pilates Business’, you can access the EXACT step by step system I’ve been using for 15 years to help others get their Pilates businesses started faster without the overwhelm.

No more feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by not knowing exactly what to do…

No more wasted time on activities that are not moving you closer to your business goals…

No more feeling like a failure if you don’t have any previous business experience….

Show me how

I remember exactly what it’s like…

Over the past 15 years I’ve worked with almost 1 000 businesses, many of them Business Startups. I have run my own business in the health and well-being sector so know the common costly mistakes and lack of clarity you can experience when just starting out. During the past 8 years I have worked specifically with Pilates professionals to create, start and grow their studios. I personally practice Pilates every day.  If you are serious about starting a Pilates business, than I’d love to help show you the path to take and help you pursue your dream and make it real!

Here’s what you can expect when you enrol in the course…

  • 5 online modules covering the practical steps to help you get started and simplify those overwhelming business concepts into actionable steps – Perfect if you’re only a business beginner!
  • Confidence and clarity from ‘done for you templates’, giving you the tools you need to start – even if you’re not sure if you are ‘ready’.
  • A complete business roadmap calculator specifically for Pilates Studios so you can get your finances sorted (without the fear and frustration).
  • Accredited training approved by the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) and Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) if you’re in the USA.
  • A 30 minute one on one coaching call with me so you can get the feedback you need and know exactly how to move forward, specific to you.

Yes, I want this

But don’t just take my word for it.

Check out what other students are saying….

I attended one of Ingrid’s ‘So you want to start a Pilates business program’ and it was very insightful. I also did the online program for the same topic and it was a great supplement to the face to face learning. Ingrid covered information on all areas of the business and I also find her webinars very useful also. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to start a business not only for pilates.”

-Amy Hong- 


‘So You Want to Start a Pilates Business’ is more than its title suggests. It more than lived up to any expectation I had. Ingrid doesn’t just present the facts, she teaches you how to arrive at them. An important bonus for me was that I walked away feeling confident about who my demographic was. Finally, Ingrid is extremely patient, supportive and accessible. She is keen to pass on her knowledge and I found her very easy to learn from.’


-Ann Feighan- 


Excellent way to gain knowledge on how to start up a business! Starting from your idea and covering all aspects right through to opening and running! Highly recommend for anyone looking to start their own business!”

-Erin Jones- 

“I have just started your “So You Want to Start a Pilates Business” online course and I’m loving it.”

-Russell – northern NSW

“I’m listening to your online modules and I’m really loving it. It’s great to be able to rewind and listen again at my own pace.”


“It’s just great to have the spreadsheet. I feel so grateful to have all this business coaching before I make any major investments into my new business. I have such a head start!”

-Clare Perkins – Perth

Ingrid is an extremely talented business professional. She has worked with several businesses very familiar to me, and helped them grow, and in some cases exit their businesses successfully & profitably. Ingrid is very well regarded by her clients, and her online trainings are used by many Pilates & other health professionals (I know because they tell me!)”

-Mark Hubert-


 My EASY START Guarantee

Let me ask you a question.

How much would you spend to…

Get the actionable steps and clarity you need to build a successful Pilates Business?

Feel less worried about where to find your own clients?

Save money on costly mistakes that most people make when starting up their own Pilates Business?

Access personalised guidance from a business coach with 15+ years experience in the industry?

If you working it out on your own you could expect to spend upwards of $20,000 on other expensive business coaches, not to mention the wasted months and even years going around in circles with no results to show for it.


‘So You Want to Start a Pilates Business’ EASY START package gives you all that and more for a one time investment of $349 (including GST).


I want to help get you started and save you the stress, so I’m offering a 100% money-back guarantee.  If you use the EASY START package and you complete the course but if for some reason it doesn’t work for you, just give me a call and I will refund your full investment, no questions asked.

Ok I’m In, Let’s get started!

Tell me more about the program:


If you find yourself still unsure if it’s right for you or not, let me help clear up some questions you might be thinking.


  1. How long does it take to get started?


If you are already a fully qualified Pilates Instructor and you’re ready to make starting a Pilates studio an absolute priority, previous students have been able to get started in less than 6 weeks. Others who are juggling multiple priorities (we know life happens) can take a few months to get going, so it really depends on the pace you want to work at and your personal circumstances.


  1. What exactly will I learn in the program?


The program covers 7 modules to help you get your business started. They include:


Your Personal Plan – How to create an ACTION PLAN for your Pilates business that gets you excited and doesn’t make you want to run for the hills.


Your Brand – Creating your unique BRAND and how to tell your story in a compelling way.


Your Clients – Understanding your CLIENTS, who are they? What are they looking for?


Your Marketing – Discover the best way to connect with your ideal clients.


Your Finances – How to simply calculate if your business will work financially even if you’re not a maths genius.


Your Business – Getting the regulation basics right, so you don’t come unstuck down the track.


You – Understanding how to make the transition from teacher to business owner.



  1. I’ve already just started a Pilates studio, can I still do the program?

Yes! The program is also suitable if you have started a Pilates Studio in the last 12-18 months.


  1. Do I have to have previous business experience?

Not at all. The beauty about this program is that it is by Pilates people for Pilates people! I use plain English and help break down complex business ideas into simple actionable steps. The templates in the program and coaching calls will also assist you to understand anything that you need further assistance with.


  1. Do you have a payment plan?

The EASY START program is just a one off investment; however we have a monthly rollover option for the GET MOVING program which I can walk you through once you submit your application and are being considered for the program and be our next success story like Melissa below…


“A Pilates instructor and ideas person I was, a businesswomen I was not!

Ingrid has helped me to understand the nitty gritty of the business and has constantly brought new ideas to the table with her broad business knowledge. She is always investigating new way’s of thinking about business and especially “women in business”. She exudes positivity and enthusiasm and I have never feel shy about asking her questions even if I think they might be silly! Ingrid has helped me grow my studio to the point where there is no need to be there everyday all day which allows me to have more family time. With her encouragement during the hard times and a supportive and caring approach I now have the lifestyle I dreamed about.”

Melissa Wright; Owner, Central Point Pilates and Luxury Pilates Retreats 

Seriously WANT to create a business and life you love?

Enrol today and say goodbye to…

… Feeling completely overwhelmed about where to start

… Feeling like you are failing before you have even really begun

… Spending money on business products that aren’t specific to EXACTLY what you need to know for the Health industry.

… Wasting time making no progress toward your business goals, whilst watching others succeed instead of you.

With ‘So You Want to Start a Pilates Business’, you can put these things behind you and Gain access to over 20 years of business direct experience within the health industry. Just click the button below to Begin to create the business of your dreams today…

Our program works because:

  • we use plain English instead of difficult to comprehend business language
  • we take complex ideas and make them simple to understand
  • we use checklists and templates so StartUps have every chance to set solid foundations
  • we know Pilates and we know what works when getting started in a Pilates Studios.



Are you ready to get started right now to make 2018 your year to create a Pilates business and a life you love?

Option 1
AUD$349 includes GST
Everything you need so you can get started right away, start today
Option 2
AUD$4 997 one off payment or AUD$897 per month for 6 months
Personalised on-on-one access to Coaching as you start your Pilates business

Tell me more about the program:


Well done for believing in yourself and I am so looking forward to working with you.

Kind Regards,

Ingrid Thompson

Founder of Healthy Numbers

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