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OK, so you are thinking about getting started with your own Pilates Business. And you find yourself asking these questions…..

How much is it all going to cost?

How many clients do I need?

Will I be able to make money?

How do I find clients?

Building a budget for your Pilates Business involves thinking about many different variables. This Business Budget Calculator is a series of worksheets to help you step by step through a process to calculate the financial viability of your Pilates Business.

Here is how this simple and easy to use basic Pilates Business Budget Calculator will help you:

First, there are very clear and easy to follow instructions and all you need to do is plug in some of the numbers and the Calculator does the calculating work for you.

Worksheet 1 will help you identify all the costs and expenses involved in being you. This is the Lifestyle Budget calculator.

Worksheet 2 will help you to identify all the business costs and expenses involved in creating and running your Pilates Business.

Worksheet 3 and 4 will help you to calculate how many mat classes and how many reformer classes to schedule for your Pilates studio and how much to charge for each class.

Worksheet 5 will help you to calculate how many private and semi-private sessions to schedule in your studio and how much to charge for each session.

Worksheet 6 will help to calculate how many Corporate Classes and how much to charge for each class.

Worksheet 7 is designed to help you calculate how many instructors you might need and how to calculate the costs involved in contracting those instructors to conduct classes and sessions.

When you enter the data across the 7 Worksheets the spreadsheet then pulls together all the totals into one summary page called the Income Summary so that as you tweak the information in the various spreadsheets you can see the changes in the overall potential profit (or loss).

PS: If you are starting a Yoga Studio, or a Dance Studio or setting up as a Personal Trainer or any other similar fitness business this spreadsheet will work just the same for you. This Calculator could also be used by physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath or acupuncturist, nutritionist or any business that sees the same client regularly over a period of time.

PPS: The Lifestyle Budget would be ideal for anyone thinking about starting up a business

PPPS: if you are not very spreadsheet savvy, that’s OK all of the important cells on each of the pages are locked and protected so even if you try, you cannot mess up any of the formulas.


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