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Ingrid has made a huge difference to the success of my business. She has stood by me and supported me through thick and thin and in many ways.

One example is that early on, I loved my product (reusable shopping bags for fruit and vegetables) in all its simplicity as it was but some customers and potential customers were suggesting a drawstring be added, a simple change that I wasn’t very open to. Ingrid suggested a very simple and easy to carry out survey to find out if it was only a small percentage of people who wanted this or if it was what most people wanted.

To my amazement 70% of people wanted the change. The evidence spoke and this made it easy for me to make that small change which became an important turning point for my business.

I was so happy with the new bags. It made a simple environmental product much more versatile and yet without Ingrid’s guidance I am not sure I would ever have appreciated how important it was to the people who might use my bags.

Through Ingrid I also experienced how great it is to have a business family around me. By this I mean access through regular business meetings or catch ups, to a group of other business people with businesses who love sharing ideas, advice, challenges and triumphs and offer non judgemental support for one another and each other’s businesses. I could walk into a meeting with Ingrid or one of these groups feeling down but never failed to walk away feeling energised and lighter of foot.

When my business has been tough and struggling to survive I always knew Ingrid believed in me and my product and had great practical advice to offer and when I have had some wonderful wins Ingrid has truly appreciated and celebrated them too.

So if you have a small business and can put yourself in a space with Ingrid you and your business will be all the better for it. Leandra from Fruity Sacks

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I first met Ingrid on the mat in the pilates studio. She watched me evolve from a fellow client into a pilates instructor and her genuine warmth and enthusiastic support towards me as I started to spread my wings into teaching gave me such a boost and a vulnerable time.

When Ingrid offered her ‘so you want to start a pilates business’ I jumped at the chance to participate. Whilst I had some experience in business previously I felt I could benefit from her workshops tailored to the health industry which I was still fairly new to.
Ironically after the first workshop I decided I definitely did not want to start my own pilates business (for now anyway). The information Ingrid provided certainly removed any romantic notion of being a business owner – I was under no illusion any more of the cost and commitment involved.

Earlier this year I moved interstate and have kept connected with Ingrid via the monthly webinars which have been AMAZING. So much information for my ‘getting ready for business swag’. It has also been invaluable having Ingrid at the end of the phone for business advice.

I feel well equipped to move forward and now I have started my own business. I know how to track my potential clients journey, get on top of my social media marketing plan, and so much more!

I recommend anyone who is starting out in business in health and wellness to connect with Ingrid, she is passionate about small business start ups and has a wealth of resource to share.

Clare Perkins, Pilates Instructor

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Ingrid’s ability to bring people together and create a support network is incredible. It’s mainly brought about by her hugely generous nature. Thanks again, Ingrid


Fatema Saifee; The Chai Room

I needed to be accountable so I joined the Accountability Group. It has forced to me to have to come up with something every week which is so, so helpful, when freelance and not checking in with anyone.

Before joining I was low on sales again and needed some extra energy for the brand. It s back! I am selling in places I never thought imaginable.

I would highly recommend an Accountability Group especially for freelancers who work by themselves.

I love how you can learn from others, I have listened to other people’s problems and applied them to my own. It is fantastic and Ingrid always asks the right questions that you don’t WANT to think about but you MUST!

I love it, it gives me a real boost of energy, the office is beautiful and the group members are very like minded and fun. I would recommend this to anyone.

Ingrid is the best gate keeper with the right amount of tough love yet she has the biggest heart as a mentor who always has your & your business’ back.


Sophie Robertson; Sophie Robertson Scarves

I initially met Ingrid when she was one of the mentors for a Women in Business program I attended aimed at women who had recently started up their own businesses. I joined her Accountability group as I was looking for ongoing support once the program had ended.

I have found working on my own quite isolating, after a large corporate environment, and the group has been a tremendous help both to be able to bounce ideas off and also to provide encouragement and feedback. I find that the discipline of having to report back

3 times a month helps keep me on track with my goals and has pushed me to do things outside my comfort zone.

Ingrid’s extensive business knowledge and experience has been very valuable as has her positive, can do attitude.

I have also learned a lot from the other group members and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone starting up a small business


Jacqui Irwin, Care Financial

I have been a part of Ingrid’s accountability club for several months now and what I most appreciate about going to the group is the resilience top up I get from it.

In my experience a certain amount of starting a successful business involves taking knocks and getting back up again and again and again. I love the wins, I love it that I have created a product I genuinely feel proud of, I love it when others love my bags but there are still plenty of knocks along the way and I feel safer these days knowing no matter what happens if I go to the group I will always come away with a strategy, some ideas and the energy to make the next step.

In addition to the above, I love Ingrid’s generosity of spirit as she expertly guides discussion, and shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise. Ingrid creates a space in which everyone is genuinely supportive of one another. It is great to hear about other people’s journeys, what works for them, what they find challenging and how they meet their challenges.   I love having these people to bounce ideas around with.


Leandra Coffey, Founder of Fruity Sacks

Following attendance at a small business programme, a few of us met together to inspire, encourage and assist each other as we could in the development and progress of each of our businesses.

We soon realised that although this was a great incentive, we lacked direction and the benefit of an expert.

Joining the Accountability Group has given us the opportunity to encompass all of this under the guidance of Ingrid.  It is a collaboration of experience, enthusiasm and camaraderie.  I/we look forward to our sessions and feel part of a team working towards achieving each of our goals through the guidance of Ingrid and participation of all the members.


Belinda McPhee, Designer and Founder at Blackbird Motor Cycle Wear

Doing my bookkeeping is the hardest thing for me to get my head around and the Tracker was a breath of fresh air for me

Liz Edmonds


“Ingrid is a passionate and highly skilled trainer with an enthusiasm for watching her clients succeed. She clearly articulates complex concepts and helps you understand how to apply them to your own situation.

I had the pleasure of attending her new “5 Steps to Grow your Business by creating new income stream” seminar and highly recommend it to any business owner (or those looking to get into business).

From this seminar I have an action plan and clear path to growing my business in the year ahead and am confident others will benefit from her expertise.”

Paula O'Sullivan, Social Media Consultant | Content Strategist | Digital Marketer

“Ingrid Thompson is a remarkable person and a true learner of experience. Ingrid is one of those refreshing and open folk who adds value to the lives of others. I trust her completely and would recommend her completely to any other person. Ingrid brings a rich life experience and learnings to any situation”

Ken Gilbert, Independent and Confidential Leadership Development Consultant

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