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I heard Ingrid speak at a Business Association and I couldn’t write enough notes as she had such smart, amazingly helpful tips to share. Her generosity and warmth combines with the best advice I’ve received so far in business. Highly recommend her to everyone!


Opened my eyes to a lot of aspects of running your own Pilates business that i hadn’t considered. Very informative, i found Ingrid more than helpful and accessible, i also found that the information provided can be used in running any business. I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking about starting their own business.

Nejla Parmaksiz; Pilates Instructor NSW

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Ingrid is an amazing coach. She covers all the aspects of business ..she is always there for you. One of the most IMPORTANT ability she has is to challenge your belief …She will show you a perspective you never thought of. Pushes you to be the best. I would give her unlimited stars � if I could �.




I attended Ingrid’s “So You Want to Start a Pilates Business” this year (2017) before opening my yoga studio. Ingrid was so supportive and helpful even before attending the course. The information administrated by Ingrid was more applicable to Pilates but was great for me to have a broad understanding of what support I needed to get started. I would recommend seeking her advice if you are in a business that has the potential for growth or about to begin your own business, even if you think you have all bases covered.

Monique Blackwell; Yoga instructor, Sydney

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I was lucky enough to meet Ingrid several years ago and she has repeatedly assisted me in learning business strategies and tools to keep my business relevant and growing. Her experience and knowledge will assist anyone – wherever you are in your business journey.



I have learnt a great deal from ‘Healthy Numbers’ and feel extremely lucky to have it as a resource. Ingrid teaches me practicality’s and reminds me that starting a business should be fun adventure to pursue not a fearful endeavour to endure.



I attended one of Ingrid’s So you want to start a Pilates Business program and it was very insightful. I also did the online program for the same topic and it was a great supplement to the face to face learning. Ingrid covered information on all areas of the business and I also find her webinars very useful also. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to start a business not only for pilates.

Amy Hong; Pilates Instructor

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Excellent way to gain knowledge on how to start up a business! Starting from your idea and covering all aspects right through to opening and running! Highly recommend for anyone looking to start their own business!



The ‘So You Want to Start a Pilates Business’ workshop is more than its title suggests. It more than lived up to any expectation I had.

Ingrid doesn’t just present the facts, she teaches you how to arrive at the them. An important bonus for me was that I walked away feeling confident about who my demographic was.

Finally, Ingrid is extremely patient, supportive and accessible. She is keen to pass on her knowledge and I found her very easy to learn from.

Ann Feighan; Pilates Insructor NSW

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Ingrid has made a huge difference to the success of my business. She has stood by me and supported me through thick and thin and in many ways.

One example is that early on, I loved my product (reusable shopping bags for fruit and vegetables) in all its simplicity as it was but some customers and potential customers were suggesting a drawstring be added, a simple change that I wasn’t very open to. Ingrid suggested a very simple and easy to carry out survey to find out if it was only a small percentage of people who wanted this or if it was what most people wanted.

To my amazement 70% of people wanted the change. The evidence spoke and this made it easy for me to make that small change which became an important turning point for my business.

I was so happy with the new bags. It made a simple environmental product much more versatile and yet without Ingrid’s guidance I am not sure I would ever have appreciated how important it was to the people who might use my bags.

Through Ingrid I also experienced how great it is to have a business family around me. By this I mean access through regular business meetings or catch ups, to a group of other business people with businesses who love sharing ideas, advice, challenges and triumphs and offer non judgemental support for one another and each other’s businesses. I could walk into a meeting with Ingrid or one of these groups feeling down but never failed to walk away feeling energised and lighter of foot.

When my business has been tough and struggling to survive I always knew Ingrid believed in me and my product and had great practical advice to offer and when I have had some wonderful wins Ingrid has truly appreciated and celebrated them too.

So if you have a small business and can put yourself in a space with Ingrid you and your business will be all the better for it.

Leandra Coffey from Fruity Sacks


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